rock n' roll is our epiphany




I hate purity Hate goodness I don't want virtue to exist anywhere I want everyone corrupt


between the billboard masturbation across highways of metallic isolation there lies the deafening screaming of the millions wiping out the diseased pages of apathy that bleed our innocence...


Despair seeps through and cuts our eyes Unified collapse of everything inside We understand but can't accept You are not dead cos we hate

Mussels and Shellfish

You can dive for mussels, scallops, horse mussels, ocean quahogs and crabs in the rocky underwater landscape around Sotra and Øygarden. In October, it is possible to dive for lobsters!

Freshwater fishing

In Sund, you can find the largest lake on Sotra: Kørelen. It is possible to rent a canoe from the Wilderness Centre and embark on a canoe-fishing trip. Some of the lakes in this area are excellent for ice fishing in the winter. To fish in Fjellvassdraget or Skiftedalsvatnet, note that you must have a fishing license.

Fish species

Species you can catch while fishing in Bergen

Fishing Trips

These places offer fishing tours


Fishing And Guided Tours In Bergen

Incoming tour operator. Activities like fishing, boat tours, guided tours, accommodation and transport. We speak Russian, English, Czech and Norwegian.
Address: Øvre Flaktveit 37, 5135 Flaktveit
Telephone: 55 18 40 99
Email: info@jandis.no
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The Fjords

Fjordcruise And Fishing On Your Own!

Enjoy the fjords on your own, or as a part of a small group with TSMY Weller, a 50- foot yacht. Experience the fjords and cost, with or without fishing.
Address: Nordre Steinestø 5, 5108 Hordvik
Telephone: 408 25 828
Email: weller@bergenfjordtours.no
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Sotra Rorbusenter

Deep Sea Fishing

Want to try your fishing fortune far out at sea? Maybe catch the biggest fish ever? Deep sea fishing trip with a captain who knows all the good spots.
Address: Spildepollen, 5381 Glesvær
Telephone: 56 31 79 76
Email: post@rorbusenter.com
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Equipment for your fishing needs in Bergen

Scan supply A/S

Hellebakken 16, 5039, Bergen

Backer entreprenør AS

Møllendalsveien 6, 5009, Bergen

Merdslippen AS

Skuteviksveien 36, 5032, Bergen

Vaki AS

Hegrenesveien 17A, 5042, Bergen

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